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The Cost Cutting Service provides a cost management service to independent businesses.
We aim to help businesses increase profits by cutting their costs for them, allowing them to
concentrate on their core business activities. Increasing profits by increasing revenue
becomes harder and harder in the highly competitive markets we currently find ourselves in today.
It is much easier, cheaper and quicker to increase bottom line profit by cutting costs.

Who Can Gain?

Any business can gain from our cost cutting service. The size of the company
is irrelevant, as the same principles apply to all, from the small sole trader to
the PLC.

Types Of Costs

Costs are not simply overheads such as phone, utilities, office supplies,
printing and so on. They also include financial costs such as interest paid
on loans and overdrafts, hidden costs such as low returns gained from
company pensions and saving schemes, or salary sacrifice – providing benefits
to staff instead of an increase in salary or bonus schemes.

Performance Related Fees

Fees are based on the actual savings generated. The standard fee is 30%
of saving in the first year. Fees are due after realising the saving from
the supplier, and are not charged in advance.

Our Aims

The Cost Cutting Service’s aim is to save your business money. We use the combined
purchasing power of all our clients to negotiate discounted rates with high quality suppliers.
We do the hard work that procurement departments do within multi-national companies, having
the expertise and knowledge to source the best price for each cost area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be recognised by small and medium enterprises as one of the top cost
management consultants in the UK. We aim to be the first point of call for SME’s in
managing their costs. We will find the highest quality and value for money suppliers
in order for our clients to concentrate on the running of their core business activities.

Our Promise

To save you as much money as possible and if we cannot, then there is NO CHARGE!

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